We are talking this week about the power of our thoughts. To be honest it was hard for me initially to get my head around much of what I read on this subject, you may also feel the same way when you read this article.

As I read more on the subject, I felt that whilst the theories sounded a little far fetched, I could feel some truth in them. So I continued my research and began using many of the techniques. 

It’s not an easy or quick path to change generations of programming, and adjust our own thoughts to create a better outcome, but it is possible—I proved it for myself.

This is a short overview but I hope enough of one to spark your interest.

If you repeated out loud every day “I won the gold medal for the 100 meter sprint at the 1980 Olympics,” then after two or three months that would become your truth, so much so, that not only would you believe it to be true, it you would pass any lie detector test.

That is the power of the programming we hear every day from our media consumption, be it TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards or the ever present and insidious internet. Add in the pressure from society, schools and the establishment as well as that emanating from our parents and friends, and you can begin to see the pressure to conform to the “normal,” and the amount of material bombarding you to live a certain way and that has driven your thinking so far.

In his brilliant book, “The Four Agreements,” Don Miguel Ruiz talks about society’s dream. The thing is, it’s relentlessly negative. 

Whether it be marketing that tells us we will only be happy when or if we buy XYZ product, or society that tells us that happiness comes from owning a home, a mortgage, a wife/ husband, two kids, and a good job working for a company and paying your taxes. Even if you enjoy the work, you will soon be in a position that you have to earn a certain amount to pay for all the “things” in your life. And the truth is they have not made you happy.

Happiness comes only from within, and does not involve money or objects. 

So back to our thoughts, back to what can you do to take control of your precious life and live it freely with a lightness in your heart?

Start by limiting your exposure to the negativity. Limit your exposure,cut out or be selective with the following: TV, newspapers, magazines, commercial radio, and of course, the internet and toxic people. Don’t allow your self to be bombarded by constant negativity and messages trying to sell a way of life.

Next comes self love, through good food, exercise, meditation, and gratitude for what you have in your life. Thinkmiracle.org has full details on this and the online course can help you slowly make the changes in your day to day life. For me, it’s about building strong foundations to go forward with.

Only then you will be better prepared to begin to change your thoughts…

How does that work?

You can start early on in the process by playing the right guidance words softly each night as you go to sleep. You will find the right ones to suit you. You may be changing something deep within you that is not serving you by using daily positive affirmations—again see thinkmiracle.org for much more on this—or you may be removing anger or hatred for someone of something from your life by wishing that person well out loud. (This is a fabulous tool for removing anger towards someone )

And then, as you progress, you will begin correcting yourself when you say something negative, and instead using positive (but real) self talk. This will seep into your thoughts so that when you notice they are negative and unhelpful you can steer toward the positive outcome you would like to see.

You must also work towards this so that you’re mentally and physically are aligned. It was this process over a relatively short number of years that saw me go from a debt of over £500,000 to becoming a multimillionaire, and allowed me to follow my passion and launch thinkmiracle to help as many people as possible find their own purpose in life, and to ultimately live a life that matters.

Godspeed ️