Dates Available:

4th – 10th April 2020

27th June – 2nd July 2020

A week of self-discovery and transformation.

Time to think, space to breath, freedom to grow.

We walk alongside you within a safe, nurturing and confidential environment, as you take the first step on your journey.

Historic Fontevraud is very close to Mark’s heart. It is where his journey with thinkmiracle® began.

The retreat is surrounded by rural golden fields and is deep in the French rolling countryside. The property has been lovingly restored to make a luxurious yet magical setting which includes a unique cave network with a special energy to enhance your healing process. The barn itself is built out of the very stone it stands on. Its stillness is rooted in the earth, making it the ideal setting for turning your attention inwards and making real change in your life.

The cave space was formed millennia ago and provides a deep natural silence in the meditation room. The dining area, flooded with light from the atrium has a cathedral like feel and the waterfall and magical rhythm of the French countryside make for a truly transformative retreat experience.

A typical day on retreat looks like this:

8.00 am:               Group silent walking meditation

9.00 am:               Thankfulness and Manifesting Meditations

9:30 am:               Breakfast

10:30 am:             One-to-One Healing Session with Mark

12:30 pm:             Lunch

1:15 pm:                Life Hacks Workshop

2:00 pm:               Chanting

2:30 pm:               Loving Kindness meditation

3.00 pm:               Silent contemplation

4:00 pm:               Yoga

5:15 pm:                Tech Hour

6:15 pm:                Dinner

8:15 pm:                Bedtime

Mark has a magic gift of reaching inside and pulling out the reasons, excuses and blockages that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams. His one-on-one sessions are truly life-changing.

“Do you want to change your life? That’s what our retreats are about, it’s far removed from a spa week. Yes ,you will feel relaxed after a week of yoga, meditation and healthy food. But they are intensive, and centred around our one-to-ones which are aimed at reaching deep inside and helping you heal from your past, so you can move forward without being held back by old subconscious beliefs that don’t serve you. Our retreats will help you build new positive habits in your life, the foundation on which you build your dreams.”

~ Mark Elliot

Group Walk


Meditative Yoga

Accommodation & Costs

You will spend 6 nights at the retreat arriving late afternoon on a Thursday and departing mid morning on the following Wednesday. You will be guided on how to establish where you are in life right now and what happiness means to you. We will explore your dreams and passions together, and we will guide you to make a path to a better future. For some the retreat is revelatory, life changing even, for others it confirms and invigorates a dream.

For everyone its time out from the modern world to relax and feel self love, to feel wellbeing, and know the tools you can continue to use beyond the retreat to keep that sense of inner peace.

Room Type Price Length of Stay
Luxury Single Cave with Ensuite


6 Nights Accommodation

Luxury Double


6 Nights Accommodation

Please note: The price is per room. There is a £299 supplement for two people per room to cover the additional costs of catering and teaching.

What’s Included?

All of the above items are included as well as all the food for healthy, vegetarian, self-catering breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Thinkmiracle is interested only in helping people find happiness and inner peace. So the prices are set deliberately low to encourage participation, Mark himself takes no payment from thinkmiracle, and has funded the website, marketing and retreats. His time and the resources are free. Please choose the price you are able to pay from the three options available. If you wish to donate more to help spread the TM message please do so on the website, your help will be much appreciated.

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