Welcome to the thinkmiracle online course

Our site provides many free spiritual tools, from meditations to healthy recipe ideas, and these will always be offered free of charge.

However, the online course has been developed to move your life to a whole new level.

It is a seven week program that will require you to commit seriously to one thing: the willingness to change your life. You start it when you’re ready and then move through the program at your own pace. This course is not about going through the motions, it will require your dedication and desire to implement lasting change in your life.

Each week we will explore one of the key thinkmiracle tenets:

Gratitude & Thankfulness


Spiritual First Aid Kit



Tree of Life


There will be homework and once you sign the commitment form, we expect you to give yourself the gift of completing the exercises thoroughly.

If you are feeling stuck in your life, unable to move past obstacles and challenges, we urge you to consider giving yourself this gift. If you’d like to deepen your spiritual practice the course can assist with that process too.

Once you sign up you will receive your course material weekly.

You’ll see three price options.

If you absolutely can’t afford the recommended 49 euro cost, we have a lower payment option of 29 euro. If that is still too much we offer the course free of charge. Please consider that a lot of work has gone into the course when you’re choosing a payment option.

May it be of benefit.

Given with love and life experience.

If thinkmiracle has helped you in any way, please tell your friends (as many as you can) and please do make a donation. This will also help us to reach more people.

Every penny donated is spent on reaching more people and producing spiritual resources to help people on their journey.

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understand that I am undertaking an intensive encounter with my own life.  I commit myself to the siz-week duration of this course. I commit to the weekly exercises and the fulfilment of each week’s lessons. I intend to complete this course and to develop new habits and change the course of my life to achieve happiness and inner peace.



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