A new year is always a good time to reflect on our lives, on the last year in particular, the highs and lows, the lessons we have learned, and for me it’s time to stop and say thank you for all the good things/events and people who have come into my life.

And then…to look forward with expectation and joy to another year on this beautiful planet.

For some years now I sit and write this as a list of all the highs and and big events of the past year and also of my expectations and goals (as opposed to resolutions) for the new year. It’s both tremendously satisfying and fun to write the list, and to share it if you are spending New Year’s with company.

The added benefit is that the gratitude you show will make you feel happier, and the expectations you write are more likely to come true the more you share them with others and with the universe.

 I am going to share my list with you:

2019 was another year for which I have much to be grateful, it was also a year of transition as I completed or commenced the sale of the last of my commercial interests so I could dedicate myself solely to thinkmiracle. As we speak I am negotiating my exit from my electric bike company and with that, I will have finished all commercial activity and that feels good and it feels right.

I have also just exited my large house in Portugal and bought a small place instead, all part of a general simplification of life.

I have thinned out my cars, and own one beautiful convertible and an everyday small 4×4.

I have my large and beautiful boat for sale and have bought a smaller but perfect Catamaran from my old company, which I spent the summer and autumn refitting to suit our needs.

The extensive works in France have at long last (‪after two and a half years) all but drawn to an end, and we now have not only a beautiful home, but also the most special space for retreats.

And perhaps most of all, I am grateful that on January 26th of last year I met Lieselle and fell in love with someone who shares my vision and beliefs for thinkmiracle

I am grateful for some memorable holidays and experiences too.

Sweden and Denmark with Lieselle and Andy on the old boat before she went to be sold.

Mum and Dad’s one last visit to the old house in Portugal

Meeting Alessandro for the first time and filming for thinkmiracle with him

Having both my boys and their families to the barn in France

Mum and Dad coming over to France

Two weeks in Ireland with Lieselle

Portugal on Mirielle, including discovering the Guadiana and our new little home on its banks.

Cruising Portugal and Spain on Mirielle

A lovely week in Norfolk and showing Lieselle my Cornwall

A lovely Xmas with my family

As to lessons learned…

The main one was a continuation from 2018, a simplification of a complicated life was needed as I transitioned out of the business world. It wasn’t just a transition of physical things, but in 2019 it was a realisation that mentally I have to let go of “doing” and instead allow. It’s an ongoing process as I realised this year that I have drifted somewhat from where I was some years ago and now patiently (another area I must improve), I am going about adding more meditation, learning new aspects of spirituality, re-reading old books, revisiting old CDs  and giving myself time just to be. Slowly I feel a doorway to a new level of fresh experiences opening as I catch glimpses of the possibilities for life.

As for 2020…

We are off to Australia and New Zealand  in early January, and we will spend 12 to 14 weeks exploring the Balierics,  South of France, Sardegna, Corsica, Sorrento, and Sicily on Mirielle.

We will complete the building works on our new Portuguese home so we can spend next winter there

My old boat will be sold, as will Mark2.

I will complete my book (title TBA) as well as my children’s book Gilbert the Troll.

We will begin speaking engagements with thinkmiracle and run a number of successful retreats

I will continue my spiritual education and go deeper into my purpose

I will be able to play (well) at least three songs on the guitar and sing (moderately) along to one of them.

Lieselle and I will have cemented our relationship.

I hope that’s not too personal! And I hope it gives you a taste for you list and the 2020 of your dreams.

I’m so grateful to all people who came on retreat in 2019 and to those who put so much trust in me and the thinkmiracle process.

Godspeed and Happy New Year

Mark ❤️


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