Nutrition is an extensive subject and an intrinsic part of wellness and what we talk about at thinkmiracle. The food we eat directly effects our health, and part of loving ourselves is to look after the body we have been given. 

Here is a non-exhaustive summary of some of the “big wins”— the changes you can make immediately—to dramatically effect your health and sustain our planet.

I have, like most of us, always understood the benefits of eating fresh healthy food, but it wasn’t until some years ago, when I began researching, that I realised dairy milk is far from good for us, as we were told in the UK government. It is actually full of antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones. In addition, it’s so processed that there is no goodness—just the detrimental additives. That’s not even taking into account the environmental damage to our planet because of the vast dairy herds or the inhumane conditions many of them are kept in. Giving up milk was a pretty easy choice! Frankly, I don’t particularly enjoy the alternatives, but sometimes it’s about adjustments and perseverance.

Most people know sugar is fattening, but its negative impact when you research it goes far beyond that. Bread, especially white bread is another food to be wary of. Many mass-produced loaves have a number of additives to extend their shelf life, none of these are good for us, and their nutritional value is generally poor. You can, however, buy good bread, fresh from local bakers, and wholemeal or rye is always better. 

The list goes on…

In general, I avoid any man made or processed products. I believe strongly that in 50 years our children will look back in horror at some of the things we currently call food. The additives and ingredients are not just lacking in goodness but actively bad for us.

Even now, at 56, I can look back at a time when we were unknowingly eating food sprayed with DDT, which has been banned now for a number of years. We were eating food sprayed with poison and the governments and food manufacturers were complicit in this, as they are now. 

Even fresh food must be chosen with care. I am lucky enough to grow much of what I now eat, I know it’s not sprayed with any chemicals and that the ground is not fed chemicals either. It’s fresh, tasty and inexpensive. It’s also deeply satisfying. Of course not everyone has the space to grow, and nor can I when I travel. Then I try and buy local and always wash all fruit and vegetables. 

I have always said that being vegetarian/vegan or a meat eater is a personal choice. But as I researched more on the terrible conditions much of our livestock are kept in, as I read more of the climate damage (our love of meat in particular and especially beef causes), I decided to move to vegetarian foods.

The first step was becoming pescatarian. I still eat fish, but only line caught. I understand there is an argument also against this, but for me, it’s a start.

I long ago left behind processed/manmade foods. I still enjoy meat and if I go to friends and they have cooked it, then I will eat it, but I no longer buy it. It’s not perfect but it’s a good start, and it’s healthy. If we could all move towards this way of living, we would not only be helping our own health, but also showing love to our beautiful planet and all other animals on it. 

Many religions and governments would have you believe that man has dominion over all others, that’s not true. If we don’t live in balance with this planet and continue on this current path of taking what we need without thought of the consequences, then our children and theirs will pay the price and never see the sights we have. 

The other big changes you can make to enhance your life are to drink more water, and less of everything else. And to start each day with a freshly squeezed lemon or lime. Lemon or lime water has natural healing and cleansing capacity as well as the ability to make your body more alkaline. I have mine with a little water, but if I feel a cold coming on I may drink four or five lemons across the day to up my bodies natural defences. It’s kept cold and flu at bay for over two years. There is much research on both of these to support the health benefits and no downside. 

You see, taking control of your life is a multi-pronged approach, involving not just spiritual growth, but also caring about what you put into your body, exercising to look after it, and allowing yourself to follow your dreams whilst also showing love and kindness to the world we live in. 

Like a lot on thinkmiracle it’s about forming new habits that are good for you. Much more on this, and indeed how to change your life is found on, if you feel you are ready, then please use us, tools are free and given with love. 



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