Meditation: together with thankfulness it forms the bedrock of my spiritual practice and is at the heart of thinkmiracle. It’s also at the heart of changing your life.

Meditation is still viewed by many as a slightly new-age pastime, but actually that’s beginning to change and more and more people are realising the benefits of meditation. Most of the really successful entrepreneurs I know meditate. Toto Wolf of Mercedes F1 is a long time meditator, he has now introduced it to the entire team.

There really is only upside to meditation, all it requires from you is a little of your time. The secret is making it a habit, part of your daily ritual. You may be just like I once was, declaring “yes it would be nice, but I don’t have time.” That’s unlikely to be true of any of us, it wasn’t true of me!

When we analyse how we use our time, how much is spent on social media, watching TV, reading nonsense in newspapers or magazines, or going to events we don’t really want to be at, then I believe we can all see that we can set aside 20 minutes a day to do something for ourselves.

Isn’t it time you began to love yourself, to show yourself love? Are you worth it? I think so!

So what is meditation?

You don’t have to sit in the lotus position chanting “OM,” (although as you meditate more you may choose some chants, they have a particular power and I always enjoy that section of our retreats—as do all who take part.)

You don’t have to be in any particular position, I often lie down. My morning routine is up early, ride my bike, cool down, shower and then lay on the bed and say thank you and meditate. It’s a great way to start the day, the calmness and clarity it promotes helped me build a very successful business. It allowed my mind time to switch off and rest and let my heart give its wisdom.

You can choose any position where you will be comfy, and then choose the sort of mediation that suits you. I use a guided manifesting meditation by Wayne Dyer every morning, and most afternoons choose something else to suit my mood. Often that has involves simply walking to the sea and watching the waves, that too is a form of meditation. Sometimes I simply go and lay silent in our cave meditation space here in France, or under the trees in the orchard and watch the clouds go by.

Mindfulness mediations have been much talked about in recent years and I find some of these observing the body or the breath very powerful. We have many of the different types available to download free on, it’s just a case of finding which one suits you. 

You see it’s only about concentrating on one thing, and when your thoughts intrude, as they will from time to time, notice them and go back to the one thing you are concentrating on. That means your mind—which is generally full of thoughts as well as being bombarded by “messages”  from TV, billboards, radio, magazines and of course the ubiquitous smartphone—gets a rest. It’s that rest which promotes calm, and as it’s well known that stress is in one way or another behind much illness, you can see what promoting calm can only be a good thing.

The clarity of thought after mediation enables you to plan life better and cope with life at difficult times. Mediation together with time in nature almost certainly prevented me from a nervous breakdown when I lost everything. 

I believe meditation is the beginning of a journey that can see you claim back your life and live the life you want to live, to take the helm of your ship instead of being a passenger. I created to help you do that.

All that you need is here, free and given with love.  ~ Mark


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