I meet many people who are intrinsically unhappy with their lives, yet when I suggest they can change and build a happier life, they struggle. Why?

Often it’s a lack of feeling they deserve to be happy. Sometimes they feel so overwhelmed by the day to day, their mind will not let them imagine happiness for fear they can no longer cope with the situation they are in. Often it’s a combination of both. Mostly when we are in that situation it’s only when the pain becomes unbearable that we are forced to make a change…that was how it was for me.

How, in those circumstances, do you begin to understand what happiness might look like for you? It is different for all of us. 

And how do you begin to change your life?

You can make a series of small steps, none of them demanding too much of your time, and all of them with a wholly positive outcome.

Perhaps start by listing all the things you don’t like about your life, and at the same time cut out or save digital images of things, places or people that make you feel good, or perhaps words or sayings that ring true for you. Gather them together for they are the start of your dream book.

Begin every day to say thank you first thing in the morning. We all have things to be thankful for, even if at times we struggle to think of them. There is much research that shows how this simple exercise done quietly every morning for about two minutes can begin to change your state of mind to a more positive one. 

Add to the practice of thankfulness, 20 mins of meditation. There are many available on thinkmiracle—free of charge. Slowly, but surely, you will begin to feel calmer, and to think more clearly. These things have a cumulative effect and after a while you will begin to understand with clarity what your dreams are, and you will be capable of changing your life to achieve them.

And what about those days you feel overwhelmed? We have a whole section of “spiritual first aid” with a number of tools and exercises you can do to quickly help settle a racing mind and a tight stomach and reduce the feeling of overwhelm.

I started thinkmiracle after I went through these difficulties and I found my own happiness using these tools. They completely transformed my life, from a debt of over £500,000 to multimillionaire within seven years, and more important than the money, came a realisation that money was simply a tool and not related directly to my happiness, which came to me when I had nothing in terms of money, but everything in terms of health, family and possibility.

thinkmiracle is now my mission in life, my gift to anyone who wants it. All the information is available free of charge online. We also have an online course designed to take you from unhappiness to a life of joy. If your circumstances don’t allow then the online course is also available free of charge.

It’s all given with love and experience, 


~ Mark


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