From time to time we all find ourselves slightly lost.

It may seem strange for someone who purports to be a spiritual teacher to talk about losing their way, but I believe all of us, no matter what role we fill, will find times where we feel a little adrift from life, from our purpose.

I find myself wondering what am I trying to achieve with thinkmiracle, what I’ve done with my life so far, and will I be able to ever again experience some of the deep spiritual experience I have encountered previously.

I recognise that doubt and worry, sadness and indecisiveness are simply me being human.

I guess the first stage is identifying that I felt these things, and then the next step is asking myself why and what can I do to regain my equilibrium, my sense of purpose and inner peace.

I am in Australia at the moment. I arrived here with my partner, Lieselle, last Wednesday after 36 hours of travel and we were horribly jetlagged. Our first Airbnb was a little basic and a little more open to Australia’s wildlife than I liked. (I realise my fear of spiders and snakes is somewhat irrational, but nevertheless it’s there.

My fear wasn’t helped by a close encounter on our first night with a spider as large as my fist on a bleary-eyed early hours visit to the toilet downstairs. I think the rather unmanly scream that emanated from me unsettled Lieselle upstairs!

I was a little nervous about meeting Lieselle’s family for the first time (the primary reason for our trip), add in the jetlag, heat and humidity, and the wildlife situation—I now understand why I began to feel unsettled.

We then spent three days struggling to adapt to the new time zone and mostly in company, something the natural introvert in me finds difficult for extended periods.

Also, I have divested all my business interests and I am adapting to a new life, not as a retired person, but instead someone who has swapped the fast pace of running a number of companies, driving them forwards and “doing,” to a new life of “being” and hoping to help as many people as possible through thinkmiracle .

Add it all in the mix and I lost my natural rhythm, my sense of purpose, my inner voice. I felt lost, perhaps even a little depressed, certainly sad.

So, having recognised the feeling, what have I done about it?

The answer for me was to re-establish my natural rhythm, to get back to early morning exercise, healthy eating, yoga, and to add in extra meditations. To allow time to just be and ask God to help me with which direction to take thinkmiracle. It helps that we have moved to a wonderful small Airbnb, not only is it spotless and well sealed, but outside there are kangaroos and birds hopping and flying free. We have a few days of solitude to recharge in nature.

Writing this blog is part of the process. We have also been videoing, to show (not tell), what it’s like to live the thinkmiracle life.

I am also slowly coming to accept what a number of people have told me, and that is helping one person at a time is what matters, not reaching thousands, but instead, just listening, helping, giving and most of all…allowing.

This transition is a process and as with any dramatic change, challenges will arise. However, getting back to the basics of my own spiritual practice will enable me to find the right path to my purpose.

I wish you luck with yours.


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