This week in our thinkmiracle posts we are talking about inner peace or inner stillness.

What is inner peace?

Inner peace is that feeling of calm inside, a feeling of wellbeing no matter what the outside circumstances.

It’s the opposite of a racing heart, tight stomach, muddled thoughts and panic and fear that cloud judgement and cause us to make poor choices.

So how do we find inner peace?

Well, it’s not available in any store or indeed any “thing.” 

It comes from work, in many cases a life’s work. It’s a slow process, but you can begin to feel results quite quickly if you apply yourself.

Initially it involves dealing with the past, any baggage you are still carrying around that still effects you now. This process may involve therapy of some kind, or perhaps you can use the thinkmiracle online course and our Tree of Life transformational exercise, or one of our retreats to help you remove the influence of past traumas from your life.

Beyond that there are a number of changes or additions you can make to your life (as well as some subtractions) that will bring you calm and inner peace.

You have to decide to change your life, to show yourself love, and devote time to yourself, not mindlessly waste it on pointless celebrity magazines, or tv shows, or social media, or computer games, or going out with people you don’t especially want to be with just to fill time.

Instead, it involves mindfully putting aside some time for yourself, and limiting those things that have a negative effect on your wellbeing. In time you will get better and stronger in choosing those things and people you feel aligned with and being true to yourself, your word, and being authentic.

Daily meditation, whatever sort suits you, is a beautiful and wholly positive use of your time, as is thankfulness, and spending time alone in nature. Positive affirmations can help, and breathing exercises are incredibly beneficial when you begin to feel overwhelmed. Eating healthy foods and exercising your body—all these things show love of self. You are making time for you.

You might also have to make some significant changes, changes that scare you—relationships, where you live, your work. If these things cause you to feel unhappy, unsettled, or stop you being true to yourself, then you will need to change them, and you can.

It’s about cutting out negative friends and negative media or negative habits.

Now, you may be thinking that all seems too hard!

But the prize is worth it! The feeling of inner peace and serenity of being true to yourself is a gift. Once you have felt the stillness you will come to realise why so many people think it is indeed the goal of life, why inner peace is in fact our life’s purpose. It only can be achieved when we are working in harmony with our true selves. 

So many people think money and things are life’s purpose, but they hold nothing but empty promises, just like drugs and alcohol.

Start with yourself and spread that love outwards—that is the true gift of life. is there to help you kickstart your journey to inner peace it’s free and given with love.


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