I  am lucky, I was able to choose to live somewhere largely untouched by the hand of man. I struggle in cities and around too much unnatural noise.

As I cycle every morning surrounded by the beauty and rhythm of nature, I look to it as a child and see something new every day, something that makes me stop in wonder and gratitude. Today it was this delicate cornflower. 

Yet there was a time I saw none of this, I sought beauty in shops and distraction and believed the myth we are fed, that man has dominion over all others. 

Now I wonder at my own inability to see the truth, that happiness comes from simplicity, from living in balance and harmony with all living things. Unless we change soon future generations will not have the chance to live as I do.

The answer does not lie in colonising Mars or anywhere else, but in looking after this wonderful Earth, this heaven on Earth we have been gifted time upon.

I used to live in hell, my own man-made hell, but I woke up and chose heaven. You have that choice too.


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