In my last blog I spoke a little about how to find your happiness. But, there is much more to it than that.

The first battle is to choose happiness as a goal in your life. That may sound strange, because you may ask, “Who doesn’t?”

But the truth is—most people don’t. They are looking for happiness as a quick fix by buying something, drinking or eating something, and that’s not where lasting happiness lies. It takes work, it takes commitment and an acceptance of where you are now in your life and what you would like to change. Our online course and specifically the tree of life can help you with that.

It’s quite likely that it will take you some weeks, perhaps using thinkmiracle’s dream book tools, to figure out what happiness looks like for you, and then making a plan to change your life.

But what then?

The thing is we are not happy all the time, even when we reach our goals. Instead, probably for the first time like me, you will feel real happiness in simple pleasures— walking in nature, spending time with your loved ones, or just sitting and being. You will no longer “need” anything or anyone to make you happy.

But, there will be days when you feel sad or unhappy, even angry and upset. That’s just part of being human. Sometimes tears and sadness are necessary. Just as we appreciate spring and the new growth after the dark grey of winter, so too is sadness part of a natural cycle. Winter is a natural part of life, and events will happen in your life that make you unhappy. The secret is simply to accept that state, and know there are things you can do that will lessen the sadness or unhappiness.

For me, letting the emotion out, accepting and embracing how I feel and sometimes asking myself why I’m feeling the way I do. Sometimes that question is unnecessary of course. I find that my gratitude practice, my meditations, exercise, and time in nature help me absorb, accept and, where required, learn. Giving and doing something constructive also helps.

What you will find though, is that natural happiness will become a much larger part of your life and a natural state that you fall back into.

For those of you that are new to thinkmiracle, its tools are available free of charge, and not as a lead-in to sell you something else It’s my mission to help as many people as I can to change their lives for the better. The tools in thinkmiracle helped me earn more than I needed so that I could fund and run thinkmiracle in this way. Of course, if you wish to pay towards the course we would be very grateful, the money will be used to help us reach more people.

You can find your happiness, you can live an uplifting and happy life, you can have a life worth living. It really is your choice to make. If you are generally unhappy, and only find happiness fleetingly, perhaps through external stimuli like alcohol/drugs,  then why not choose to change your life and start today.

~ Mark


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