Creating a dream board is a powerful way to help visualise the life you want. It’s great fun and helps in the process of understanding what happiness looks like for you.

Not Just Dreaming

Dream boards become reality though the power of belief, visualisation and expectation. Alongside the other steps in the thinkmiracle programme, this process helps you gain clarity on what you need to do to realise your dreams. Once you start setting goals, think about those goals every day. You can use our Manifesting Meditation to help achieve them. With repetition, you will begin to see a positive transformation in your life.

Begin by collecting images of the elements you would like to see in your life. It might be a loving partner, goals for the future, a beautiful garden, your own home, travel, your own business, a lovely car, good health, or inner-peace. The images don’t need to be literal; use them to symbolise your desires.

Mark’s Guidance

‘I have produced three dream boards. I made each one into a dream book, and had the images as my screensaver as constant reminders of where I wanted to be. I believe if you stare at your images enough, and begin working towards them, you will see them manifesting in your life. Check out excepts from my current dream board (below). I made the original seven years ago after I had lost everything. This is the third iteration which reflects my life now. My dreams became my reality. Why? Because I am happy and settled and have everything I want or desire. Now my dream book underlines how grateful I am and it’s time for a new one’

Steps To Creating Your Dreamboard


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