Sometimes I become frustrated with myself. My meditations are not strong, and my head is too busy with thoughts—the last week or so has been like that.

At those times I often add a second meditation to my day, but this time I have still been struggling to “feel” God. I chat with him every day. When I can’t feel him, it feels like a one-way chat.

I don’t go to church to feel God—I am not a fan of religion. In my experience they are mostly self-serving, interested in power and money, and not the genuine wellbeing of their followers. There are some good people in all religions of course, but we don’t need a middleman to speak to God.

God is within us all, it’s just that at times our minds become so full of clutter that we find it hard to connect, or we simply don’t believe we can connect. You can, we all can. God is not Catholic, or Hindu, or Muslim, or Protestant, or Buddhist or any other religion for that matter. Of course he isn’t. God is interested in all of us, in all creatures on this beautiful planet. God is within you.

For me the best place to connect with God is in nature, away from man-made distractions, simply with his beauty all around. 

That is what I did today. Instead of my usual 40 minute bike ride, I rode for two hours, I pushed myself hard up some impossibly steep hills and that combination of hard exercise and cycling through glorious nature, reconnected me to God. It got my mind out of the way. 

I think that’s what Sundays are for, they give us more time to for “being,” instead of “doing.”

My life was one of doing, I am extremely capable of it, and it’s been a long lesson learning to “be”—one I will continue to learn.

It’s part of the journey to inner peace, letting go of expectations, my natural impatience and a desire to fill time doing something “useful.”

It’s not to say we should all lay around not doing anything all day! But perhaps, if we could all allow ourselves some time to just be in the moment, particularly on a Sunday, that would be a good start on the road to inner peace.

~ Mark


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