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Whether you’re searching for purpose, feel as though you’re existing and not living, that things are beyond your control, or you’re simply overwhelmed with stress—you’ve come to the right place. The thinkmiracle programme gives you practical ways to build the life of your dreams in small, manageable steps, free of charge.

thinkmiracle’s creation came about through UK entrepreneur, Mark Elliot’s experience of re-building his life after losing everything. His successful furniture brand, Mark Elliot Furniture, and his Catamaran boatbuilding business, Broadblue had brought him all the trappings: lots of money, beautiful family, houses, cars. Then, a series of life events—many of Mark’s own making—led to him walking away with nothing. A period of deep self-reflection began in order to start again.

” I turned to my love of nature and the sea to heal. I met many friends, teachers and gurus who helped me discover the power of meditation, visualisation, gratitude and their importance in connecting to our inherent values of goodness, kindness and love. I truly believe when we modify ourselves, we begin to change the people around us, and in turn, we start to respect and transform our world. That is the bold objective of thinkmiracle – to improve the world and help millions around the globe.”

Meet Mark here (see video below).

Important facts: thinkmiracle is a charitable foundation, it is non-dogmatic, and not affiliated to any organisation or entity. It is open to anyone who wants to be part of it. It’s Mark’s objective to help as many people as possible to begin living a life worth living. As well as free online resources, we offer retreats in Europe and Asia, and are rolling out an education programme across the world. We won’t ever ask you to pay for our resources, but if you would like to help us grow, you can donate by clicking the button below.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were no ‘if only’ regrets? We like to call it ‘a life worth living’.

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Mark is an inspirational speaker delivering live talks and lectures around the world. (See current events schedule below.)

If you would to arrange for Mark to speak at one of your own events, please contact [email protected].


Inspiring and empowering all

The thinkmiracle programme is available for use in schools, colleges, and learning centres. Teachers and educators, please contact us for online resources you can share with your students.

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If you can help promote thinkmiracle in your country and would like to be involved in our work, please email us with a resume of your career to date, the reasons you would like to get involved and any ideas you may have to help spread happiness around you.


thinkmiracle is a community, a place where you can share your thoughts. Write and tell us how you get on with the programme, what you’ve learned from your experience. We would love to hear from you.

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